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Winter in Montana (oil, 22x26) by Clyde Aspevig.

Site of the Month
November's ArtLink is ArtQuizz ( If you like online games and want to test your art IQ, Artquizz is for you. The site offers quizzes in English and French on all periods of painting, sculpture and architecture, as well as cinematography, music and museums. Whether you take a quiz on Renaissance tapestry or Romantic sculpture you’ll be accompanied by the music of the period. You can also participate in the growth of the site by sending in your questions and answers on the topics of your choice. And if your art knowledge is limited, you can simply admire the wide variety of artwork by artists of all time periods featured on the site. And for more great art sites, check out our searchable links page.

Getting Started in Art—Now on Newsstands

Polish up on some of your artmaking skills or help a friend get started in art with the latest issue of Getting Started in Art. Inside you're find articles by Stephen Quiller, Judi Betts, Vera Curnow, Zoltan Szabo and many others—covering such media as acrylic, watercolor and colored pencil. Also, be sure to check out the first three issues of this magazine: Getting Started in Art, Spring 2001, Getting Started in Art, December 2000 and Getting Started in Art, Summer 2000.

Get Linked!
Looking for Web sites related to pastels or watercolors? Check out The Artist's Magazine Guide to the Internet. After perusing the best sites on the Internet, we've separated them into eight categories: Art Instruction, Artists, Manufacturers, Museums, Reference, Retailers, Societies and Miscellaneous (other super sites that couldn't be labeled). We'll update these regularly as we find more great sites!

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